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Q'STRAINT Parts, Options and Accessories

For a full range of parts and accessories, contact Western Truck Equipment.

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Part # Q5-6114

Tri Wheeler Belt. A third securement belt for scooters or tri-wheelers. Also available for
L-Track applications (Q5-6114-T).

Part # Q5-6210/11-ER

Electric front retractor with 3 metres (10 feet) of black webbing.

Part # Q5-7560-5A

Floor pocket assembly, to be used with Q-5001 Kit Series.

Part # Q5-6300

Lap capable extension for L-Track. Fits most OEM female buckles. OEM buckle not included.

Part # Q5-7570-A

Covered floor pocket with L-Track.

Part # Q5-6410-RET

Retractable shoulder belt.

Part # Q5-6410-ARET

Retractable shoulder belt with height adjuster.

Part # Q5-6327

Postural lap belt with padding for wheelchair or seat. Not a safety belt.

Part # Q5-6340-12

Lap belt extension (blue webbing). This extension to be used with the 5000 Series.

Part # Q5-6400-01-L

Q-Vest Large (60lbs and over). Crash tested according to FMVSS 213 standards.

Part # Q5-6400-01-S

Q-Vest Small (20 - 60lbs). It meets FMVSS 209/302. It has been crash tested at 50km/h (30 mph) at 20 Gs on a school bus seat. It meets FMVSS 213.

Part # Q5-6411-TS

Shoulder belt neck positioner for L-Track.

Part # Q5-7530


Part # Q5-7580

Webbing loops may be used with a securement where hooks cannot be fitted onto the wheelchair frame. Meets requirements of SAE J2249 and ISO 10542.

Part # Q5-7550-5

Rubber plug for the Q-Straint floor bracket.

Part # Q5-8522

Storage pouch for securements. Meets FMVSS 302.

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